Last Update: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 6:22 PM CST

* Wang is clearing out a good portion of his gaming collection, so be sure to watch our Twitter account or visit the RGA eBay store for the latest!

* 4-3: Burning through some DVD/video stock...

* 4-24: It's Lots Season! Lotting up our remaining PC stock into chewable bites...for your gaming pleasure...

* 2-25: Switching gears and moving over to retro gaming magazines!

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Welcome to Retro Gaming Addict: Your one-stop shop for non-stop, old school retro thrills. Here you'll find games and hardware from virtually every system out there, both new and used!

Retro Gaming Addict consists of its owner, Thai(aka johnwangg) and myself(Mike, aka Bel). We operate it through two eBay accounts: The original RGA and the additional RGA-Too. The original account is run by the owner, and I run RGA-Too. Some of you may know me from my website, Whip Ass Gaming; this site is just simply a quick(and sloppy) extension of it. We decided not to put a whole lot of effort in to it as it's really just used as a forwarding page, of sorts, to get you to the various RGA outlets. I thought it'd be amusing to attempt to make it look like those old, horrible Geocities pages that popped up everywhere in the 90's and were littered with goofy gifs and that sort of thing.

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